3 Tons of Cannabis washes Up in Spain After Speed Boat Lost 14m Cargo

A speed boat carrying more than three tons of cannabis resin has washed up in Spain after the vessel ran aground in Storm Barbara. The cargo included 90 bales of the drug, which washed up on the beach near Ayamonte, Spain. The high-speed ship was seized for forensic analysis. Police seized the cargo from the wrecked vessel and recovered the drugs on Wednesday.

A high-speed speed boat with two crew members rescued 86 bales of cannabis worth three tons after it capsized in the Mediterranean Sea. The speed boat also contained food and where to buy cannabis seeds fuel cans. The officers sealed off the area and arrested two suspects after spotting the speed boat. The cargo was a big haul and was estimated to be worth over $1 million.

Spanish authorities say the drugs recovered from the wrecked speed boat were worth more than PS 14m. Police have also released video footage showing drug traffickers dropping their cargo on beaches in Morocco. The drops were made in full view of tourists. This discovery comes on the heels of recent reports of a 30-foot speed boat that was used to smuggle cannabis. The boat’s fuel tank was large and likely a vessel stationed offshore had dropped the cargo.

The police found three suspects hiding in bushes. They are now being held on criminal trafficking charges. Police say a ton of marijuana could be worth $1 million to $2 million depending on the learn more quality and potency of the weed. The boat was towed to the shore and a panga boat was retrieved to transport the cargo. However, it’s not clear whether the crew was involved in the shipment.