Police Raid Cannabis Culture Shops Across Canada Following the Arrest of Prince and Princess of Pot

After the arrest of the Prince and Princess of Pot, Police raid Cannabis Culture shops across Canada. The franchisees have refused to identify their owners out of fear of prosecution. The two sisters are the see this page face of the Cannabis Culture franchise, and police raids of their stores have been a blizzard. Despite the escalating police operation, the franchisees and their employees continue to work in their stores.

The “Prince and Princess of Pot” Marc and Jodie Emery have been arrested. The couple, who are accused of promoting marijuana, were arrested on Wednesday night at Toronto’s Pearson airport. Police seized marijuana, hashish, various cannabis extracts, digital scales, and $1,850 in Canadian currency. Despite the arrest of the royal couple, the raids aren’t related to the investigation.

The charges against Jodie and Marc Emery stem from a massive police crackdown. The pair are accused of 15 counts of distribution of marijuana, possession of cannabis-infused edibles, and operating a marijuana dispensary. The arrests are the result of a massive police operation in Toronto called Project Gator, which included 11 search warrants and the arrest of five people. The arrests follow a large crackdown on marijuana dispensaries in Toronto and other cities.

The raids of Cannabis Culture stores aren’t the first in Canada. The Toronto Police Service has a history of carefully choosing the name for major investigations. It regularly spells marijuana as “marihuana” and has branded some of its biggest raids “Project Bread Maker” and “Project Decepticon.” california weed seeds The Toronto Police Service even chose a codename for its major investigation based on the suspects’ choice of comic book characters. Choosing a handle for an investigation is usually a decision made by the lead investigator, but sometimes underlings are asked to suggest something.

While the Crown Royal has repeatedly denied allowing the dispensary to operate within Canada, the infamous Prince and Princess of Pot have been arrested and charged with drug trafficking in Montreal. Emery was previously incarcerated for selling marijuana seeds and was sentenced to four years in federal prison in the U.S. in 2009. Police have now raided all Cannabis Culture stores across Canada.

Despite the arrest of the Crown Prince and Princess of Pot, Canadian marijuana manufacturers reportedly have 1.4 billion grams and 2.4 million pounds of cannabis in storage. Many of the seized weed is spoiled by time and is not worth selling. According to the Health Canada website, the three largest pot manufacturers in Canada have experienced share values that have risen more than 200 percent after legalization.

According to the RCMP, more than 65 kilograms of marijuana, 2.4 kilograms of cannabis concentrates, and more than $250,000 in cash were seized during the raid. Despite the high-profile nature of the raid, Ottawa dispensaries are still operating. During the raid, staffers at other dispensaries offered their support to the Wrights. Both men have chronic back pain and use marijuana to control anxiety.