Three Risks to Legalising Marijuana

The legalisation of marijuana has a number of supporters, and it’s not just the Democrats. Some conservatives have resisted legalisation for decades, but the majority of Americans are now supportive. Proponents say legalization is a positive step toward a safer and more secure society. But there are risks to legalization. Here are three risks to legalisation:

– Tax revenue: It’s not a given that all states will collect tax revenue from marijuana. In fact, some are not collecting tax revenues at all. Yet marijuana is still legal in at least 18 states. The Marijuana Policy Project marijuana estimates that states have collected close to $8 billion in tax revenue since legalisation in 2014. Last year, about $3 billion in taxes were collected. These taxes will only increase as more states legalise cannabis.

Despite the partisan divide, public opinion is not correlated to party affiliation. Polls consistently show that a majority of Americans support legalization, and it’s not only Democrats who support the legislation. While Republicans have long favored prohibition, they’ve also recently moved in the same direction. So, what’s the secret behind marijuana legalisation? What’s driving this growth?

Legalisation is gaining ground in conservative states, too. Legalisation is already being approved in Montana and South Dakota. Unlike in the past, a bill was passed in North Dakota by two Republican legislators. It’s likely that legalization will eventually gain traction in red states. Further, many conservative politicians have already expressed an interest in legalization. The future is uncertain, but the trend is clear: legalization is a popular issue that’s defying the partisan divide.

While many politicians are opposed to legalisation, others like Tim Davis are confident enough to challenge Walma in the upcoming Minnesota election. Both men support legalisation, but they differ on what constitutes growing cannabis at home “medical marijuana.” And despite the partisan divide, the Legal Marijuana Now Party has made access to the ballot easier. This change allowed candidates outside of the party to make a strong case for legalization.

The emergence of legalisation in Canada is a clear indication that Canadians’ attitudes to marijuana use have begun to shift. While prohibition continues to be a part of our culture, we’re embracing other values. And legalisation in Canada has a number of advantages. A legalization movement would not only allow us to consume marijuana more safely, but it will also help our economy.