California Cannabis Industry Heads to Spain to Grow Marijuana

The California Cannabis Industry is looking outside the borders of the Golden State to grow its next big crop: medicinal cannabis. With favorable soil and climate conditions, Spain may be the perfect place to grow marijuana. Also, Spanish citizens love the plant, and the government is proving to be extremely progressive in the cannabis space. In a recent article, Rosenthal outlined the advantages of a Spanish marijuana industry. Read on to learn more.

The International Cannabis Business Conference is linked with ExpoGrow, a cannabis-centric industry trade show. Exhibitors offer discounts and samples, and attendees learn about the latest developments in the cannabis industry. The conference’s theme this year review is Medical Cannabis, where speakers will talk about the role of marijuana in the treatment of various ailments and debates. A few other noteworthy events include the California Cannabis Industry Expo and the International Cannabis Business Conference.

The Spanish Medical Agency has a strong disapproval of the medicinal use of cannabis. While it is one of the least transparent entities in the world, there is little doubt that it is working in the interests of their citizens. The Spanish government’s response to the California cannabis industry’s application essentially wipes out any chance of a medical cannabis program. It states that the level of “available evidence” is insufficient to recommend any of these products for general medical use.

Despite the opposition of AEMPS, the cannabis industry has a huge potential to be one of the largest industries in the world. In fact, cannabis stocks now trade above many of the Spanish Ibex 35 companies. And big companies are jockeying for position in the cannabis industry. There is also the possibility that the European Union could make it easier for American cannabis companies to operate in their own backyards. But the first step in the process is a governmental regulation.

The Spanish marijuana industry has also been working to establish associations in Spain. This model was created to channel public support towards regulation of cannabis. In the past, these associations have been a closed circuit of cannabis consumers who shared marijuana from the same grower and smoked it in their own premises. Today, most of these associations have deviated from the original model and have become mafia-controlled. Closing the clubs in Spain will impact growers, hemp producers, CBD initiatives, and conservation banks.

While Spain’s cannabis industry is moving forward, the European Union is gaining ground. After the Dutch government took steps to crack down on the cannabis industry, Barcelona quickly seized the initiative. Locals say autoflowering high cbd cannabis seeds that there are about 200 cannabis clubs operating in the legal gray space, much like the pre-ICO cannabis clubs in L.A. In Barcelona, Nat Pennington of Humboldt Seed Company visited the city during Euro Cannabis Week.

The Spanish cannabis industry is looking beyond the borders of the Golden State to expand their global presence. With legalization in the works, the industry is scrambling to find a legal home in Spain. The Spanish government has made it illegal to grow cannabis, but this does not prevent private use. Aside from the Spanish government, the cannabis industry also wants to increase its influence. The industry is hoping that a Spanish marijuana social club can help the industry grow in the country.

In the end, the competition is fierce. The price of cannabis in California has driven the industry to Spain, so prices have sunk so far that it’s now cheaper than the national average. This competition has pushed down prices, which in turn have caused consumers to seek out smaller, boutique growers in California. The cannabis industry is now a billion dollar industry. With the right skills, it can become the biggest news in markets since Amazon.

A key factor in the cannabis industry’s global expansion is the availability of financing. The California Cannabis Industry is looking to Spain to expand, and the Spanish government’s support is crucial. But it will be difficult to achieve its goals without a legal market. To do that, the cannabis industry must develop a more stable legal market. It’s no small feat. It took decades for small farmers to build a thriving industry in California.

The European cannabis market has the potential to grow as much as USD 200 billion in the next decade. While legalization in the United States is largely a result of voter initiatives and political pressure, it will likely grow exponentially in the future. Legalization in Europe follows the United States, where Colorado Amendment 64 and Washington Initiative 502 kicked off a wave of acceptance for medicinal and adult use. Since then, European countries have started legalizing cannabis and exploring the popular opinion of its effects.